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2012 New Year's Resolution

Capture Your Family Recipes!!!

"Tis the season" to capture your favorite family recipes.  Does you mom, dad or even grandparents have that super secret recipe that you have always wanted for your own collection?  How many times do you find yourself saying, "I really need to gather my family recipes so that I can make all of the favorites for years to come"?  

Go to to learn how to turn those family recipes into something super special that can be displayed in yor kitchen and handed down for generations to come.  I took on this project for my family 2 years ago at Christmas.  It took my family about 2 weeks to gather the most memorable recipes and it took me about 3 days to type them up in to the preferred tastebook format.  While it is somewhat of a "project", it is ABSOLUTELY worth it.  This website enables you to capture the recipes in a smart and professional format- in a hard copy binder AND electronically, on-line.  

I especially loved this site because it allowed me to get super creative with each page-- I added my own photos and I also selectied some from a list of templated images.  This helped to give the "Kraeger Family Cookbook" some life.  I gave each member of my family a Kraeger cookbook for Christmas and it proved to be super affordable and most appreciated.   

Here are some of our family favorites!:  

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