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Many thought I was crazy when I quit my job after 13 years in financial services...until I started to cook.  In early 2009, while working as an director at UBS, I decided to attend the New York Institute of Culinary Education's (ICE) evening Culinary Arts Diploma Program.  Once I got started, I knew that my heart beated to the tick of a kitchen timer and my soul was cloaked in an apron.  

I have always loved food.  

My earliest memories as a child were at the Hickory Farms (remember that place!?) with my dad  in the town mall, passing time by sampling sausage and cheese while my mom and older sisters shopped at Filenes and Macys.  My kitchen debut soon followed as I stayed glued to my dad while he prepared an evening supper or a holiday meal.  ICE simply sealed the deal for me.   In March of 2010, I took stock (pun intended) and I assessed a career change:   

  • I know how to hold a knife the right way
  • I am obsessed with recipes, not project plans
  • In a failing US economy, I sought solace in my culinary school curriculum, teachers and classmates
  • I prefer negotiations with the dishwasher vs. the COO
  • I knew my parents would be mortified.  I also knew I would win them over with my french macarons 

After additional economic readiness assessments (and trust me, this part HAS to be taken seriously), I was indeed ready to make a decision.  At bank bonus time, in April 2010, I headed the advice of of Steve Miller and, I "took my money and ran" the kitchen.  

I began my culinary career at the highly rated Hartford, CT restaurant, ON20, under 5-star Executive Chef, Noel Jones.  ON20 was the perfect fit for me given my classic training and desire to be among the best of the best. In addition to my work at ON20, I became the head baker at City Steam Brewery (Hartford, CT).  Most recently, I worked along side Noel Jones at the Copper Beech Inn (Ivoryton, CT) as a restaurant consultant and kitchen manager.  

After I had my son, Jeremy, I decided to leave the restaurant world and I joined the pastry team at Taste By Spellbound.  It was here that I developed a love for all things sugar and of course cake decorating.  Taste By Spellbound was a perfect desitination for me becasue of the sohpisticated decorating style and use of high-end natural ingredients, with all products made from scratch.

For me, cooking is truly a passion and while I am classically trained and most of my experience is in fine dining, my food philosophy is to “use simple ingredients in an imaginative way to keep those around you wanting more”.  Given my love for food, family and story telling, I decided to start this blog.  I hope you have fun with some of my stories and most importantly, I hope you enjoy ALL of my recipes and inspirations.  

If you have any questions, ideas, suggestions or stories along the way, let me know!